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Marketing Mix Modelling has been available for over 30 years–but it’s now come into a new age brought forward by massive changes in the media landscape, easy access to large troves of data, advances in methodology and a greater need for organizations to optimize their marketing spends.

In this whitepaper team Nepa outlines:

  • A brief history of marketing mix modelling and what's driving today's demand
  • How MMM is used to make informed media investments
  • How data integrations are making MMM more robust than ever
  • What's next in MMM and use cases for the future




We had an MMM performed for our FMCG brand which gave valuable insights into which media will best help us maximize ROI in terms of balancing short-term sales vs long-term brand building. It also gave us deeper insights into what role Facebook plays in our overall marketing mix.

 -Marketing Director, International FMCG Company